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Doll-E Benefits

A quick summary of the many benefits Doll-E offers for your next moving or delivery job.

Doll-E Lets Two People Do The Work of Three

Doll-E, our stair-climbing cart, offers significant time and labour savings. This video describes the process we used to show that Doll-E lets two people do the work of three in less time.

Doll-E Moves Boxes, Bins, Appliances & Furniture

Doll-E makes any moving or delivery job easier, faster and safer. Carry over 500 lbs (bins, boxes, furniture, appliances, etc.) with no lifting or balancing required.

Doll-E Lifts Over 500 lbs

Doll-E can lift more than 500 lbs, which means she can move pretty much anything — furniture, appliances, boxes and bins.

Doll-E: Overview of Capabilities

Our latest version of Doll-E is stronger, faster and more capable! With its new “tilt-loader”, Doll-E can pick up loads directly from the floor.

All Our Stair-Climbers

An overview of our stair-climbing robot, wheelchair and material handling cart, which will allow people to climb up and down stairs in a safer, easier and faster way.

Earlier Versions

 A quick overview of our early stair-climber prototypes. 

Step-E: Stair-Climbing Service Robot

Imagine a robot that will greet you at the door and carry your stuff to any room in the house… even upstairs.

Stair-Climbing Wheelchair

When we first developed our stair-climbing technology, we were often asked, “can it be used to carry a person?” In this collaboration with George Brown College, we created a proof-of-concept wheelchair that uses the same mechanism as our stair-climbing carts and robots.

Bottle Labeller

Here’s an example of a custom automation device we developed to apply labels to wine bottles.