Bottle Labellers

QRS Bottle Labeller

For small- or medium-scale beverage producers (e.g., wineries, breweries), the options for applying labels to bottles is quite limited. Automated labelling systems are typically too large and expensive for this scale of operation, while manual labellers can be slow, inconsistent and cumbersome (given their price).

Quantum Robotic Systems was asked by Hinterland Wine Company and County Road Beer Company to design a better bottle labeller more suited to their operation. The QRS Bottle Labeller  has the following advantages:

  • Motorized -- no need to crank by hand!
  • Faster -- estimated at more than 2× faster than the manual alternative
  • Consistent -- labels go on evenly each time
  • Portable -- sits on a table-top
  • Easier Set-up -- labels applied from the top
  • Wide Capacity -- labels up to 8" wide
  • Flexibility -- handles different bottle diameters

Watch the QRS Bottle Labeller in action (many thanks to Hinterland Wine Company):