Our Technologies

Quantum Robotic Systems has developed a novel stair-climbing technology, which has been patented world-wide. QRS has used this technology to range of products that can carry items up and down stairs:

  • ROSA: An assistive device for the home;
  • Doll-E: A labour-saving mover's cart;
  • Step-E: A mobile service robot;
  • Wheel-E: A proof-of-concept stair-climbing wheelchair.

QRS has also developed customized automated technologies, including:

  • A bottle labeller for wineries;
  • A prototype cart for applying geotextile cloth to grape vines.


Robotic Stair-climbing Assistant (ROSA)


Doll-E: Stair-climbing Mover's Cart


Step-E: Stair-climbing Service Robot


Wheel-E: Stair-climbing Wheelchair


Bottle Labeller


Geotextile Cart